Simple and Intuitive by Design,


The GaiaEHR project originally forked from the popular OpenEMR in September 2009 by Ernesto J. Rodriguez and Hector “Gino” Rivera, to fulfill the need of an Open Source Electronic Health Record with commercial grade standards.

After just a few months working with OpenEMR code, we realized that was virtually impossible to work with OpenEMR without having to re-made almost every class from scratch in order to implement Sencha ExtJs Framework. So the work began; using Sencha we cleaned our hands dealing with the tedious inner workings of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript mess. With that advantage we can now concentrate our efforts on the business logistic instead of creating a UI for the application, CSS. – Ernesto J. Rodriguez

Today, after 2 years+ and thousands lines of codes, it is safe to say that GaiaEHR is the most intuitive Open Source Electronic Health Record available.

Certun’s Commitment

Certun is fully committed  to GaiaEHR project…



One of the features we use to help users to manage their patients is, the “Patient Pool Area”. In this area the user can see without having to click or open any window/panel, the patient assigned to his/her area. To start working with that patient, just drag the patient to the center of the screen to open the patient chart. Depending on who and where the patient is at that particular moment, GaiaEHR will open the “Patient Summary” or “Patient Current Encounter”.  It’s that easy!

Collaborating to the project: You can help the project in many ways, since you don’t have to be a Software Developer to help the project. If you have the following skills you can easily help out:

  • Graphic Artist (Web Site UI, Promotion, and Marketing)
  • Web Site Administrator (Web Site Management, Web Content , and Forum Moderator)
  • Marketing (Promote the project to the world)
  • Software Architect (Make UI mockup’s that can provide a better experience to the users)
  • Software Developers (Help us, to finish the project more faster)
  • Translators (Make the project speak other languages)
  • Doctors (Make suggestions on how the software can behave to better archive your goals)
  • Any other skill that can help the project.

If you are a developer, or just want to get the latest code from the project repository please visit GitHub. Please visit Gaia’s WIKI and the Bug Tracking System to keep in touch with the development team. GaiaEHR Website: